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Lynne M. Blank, Esq. at BLANK PATENT Services provides a wide variety of patent and intellectual property support services in Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas. We are a woman-owned small business dedicated to exceeding clients' requirements and expectations.

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Intellectual property and patent services need a strong expertise in two completely different areas: law and science. We are a unique law firm because we are also accomplished lawyer-scientists. We can speak the language of technology and law and can transition between each with ease and precision. We offer our clients a comprehensive blend of services. Our innate ability to perform both technical and legal disciplines is what makes us patently unique.

The experienced team at Lynne M. Blank, Esq. understands the complexity of intellectual property laws. They require a cohesive mix of technological and law expertise. Blending our experience and our capabilities, Blank Patent Services is the right choice for any of your patent support needs.

From existing small and large corporate entities to start-ups, Blank Patent Services is more flexible than other companies. We are able to react more quickly and efficiently to opportunities that help protect and grow our clients’ assets.

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